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NSS Pro New Version

 About NSS pro :
NssPro is the lastest Nokia Service Software by Genie Projects.
 Support Nokia Model :
WP8   Qualcomm
WP7   Qualcomm
BB5   TI CPU(RAPxxx)
BB5   Broadcomm
DCT4+ Infineon ARM
DCT4+ Infineon C166
Basic free features are:
    Reading phone details
    Detecting phone power mode and generation
    Read and write of Product details - eg Product Code
    Reading of StartUp self tests
    Executing single self test
    Reading of phone Permanent Memory to file
    Writting phone Permanent Memory from file
    Reading of simlock details and auto backup
    Restore of simlocks from backup
    Reset Code unlock counters
    Delete stored unlock code in phone memory
    Read stored code from the phone
    Upload unlock code via cable
    Phone mode change over USB
    Full fbus support via appropriate interface
    Phone power control(FBUS only)
    Direct unlock of SL2 type of BB5 phones
    Code generation for SL2 type of BB5 phones
    Lock to any network of SL2 type of BB5 phones
    Software upgrade/downgrade for WP7 phones
    Jailbreak of WP7 OS(Lumia 710 only)
    Restore of the original Nokia bootloader(Lumia 710 only)
    Install of custom ROMs in WP7
    Product data edit(product code, MAC etc) on Lumia 710
    Simlocks unlock for rooted Lumia (710,800) via code - permanent unlock
Advanced features that require annual subscription:
    USB read of .log file for the purpose of SL3 bruteforce unlock(Infineon ARM,BCM, RAPU and RAPIDO). Some of the supported models for SL3 log reading here.
    Running your own SL3 BF cluster network
    Publish your server to all NssPro users
    Create accounts and resell your credits to NssPro users
    BB5 RPL Tool - converts ASK to RPL via Tucson server for all BB5/WP8 Lumia phones

 Perhatian : Sebelum mengunakaan tool ini komputer/laptop kita harus sudah terinstall nokia pc suit
Download  NSS Pro New Version
Download Nokia PC Suit
pass RAR : auroracell
 Biasakan meningalkan jejak agar kami tahu seberapa bergunanya tool/firmware/software yang kami share...............!!!!

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